Friday, September 4, 2009

A few shots from the Philippines

Okay .... so here are a few shots of everyone getting used to each other in the Philippines. I have just noticed there is none of me ... hmmmm ... that will come shortly I am sure.

These first two shots show how well Lea and Raymie are becoming brother and sister. They get along really well ....

Here is a shot from the Filipino style resort we stayed at for a week. This was one of the best bonding times we had .... small cottage rooms (a/c) with bath and toilet just outside. As our family loves camping, this was a great way to start spending time together. It was comfy for the boys as they heard the sights and sounds of their native culture .... but with us included. And the beach was, well, AMAZING! and the boys loved it ..... more of those shots to come .... promise!

A few Daddy and Kids shots ....

the first is at the hotel in Manila .... having banana's and daddy time .....

First day with the boys .... they have already started taking to Daddy. It has been wonderful for Scott to have these boys so attached to him ... to say "scott has his boys" would be the understatement of the century!

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