Saturday, August 29, 2009

Together at last

We finally have the whole family together. This pic at Fort Santiago built in 1571.
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JJ, Lea, Raymie and Mum, Dad, and Ingrid had a great time at the Puerto Miguel resort in Batangas about 3 hrs south of Manila.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last musings on Hong Kong

We tried to experience a bit more of the culture today. Had a two day pass to Disney -- so did a couple of things we missed out on and then went on to other things.
  • Went to the markets. WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!
  • I never though Hong Kong was a place i would like to visit. But after just over 48 hours here and i find this to be a truly amazing culture with so many interesting facets that i would like to explore.
  • Found Starbucks!!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Had a traditional chinese dinner tonight. lots of fun and very confusing. I've been very proud of my hubby for trying new things!
  • We saw the lazer light show on HK Harbour tonight. Not much truly .... but after you've seen New Year's eve fireworks on Sydney Harbour .... well. But it was still fun and interesting.
  • Lea has been missing home ... but is a trooper. I am still expecting the wheels to fall off once we hit the Philippines .... but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Scott said tonight that in two days we'll be having our first dinner with our boys .... and that he is terrified. So am I. But that's okay. It'll all come together!

A Disney kind of day

Is any Disney experience complete without having your picture taken with Minnie?????
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Our Princess

I Love this shot -- at the crazy tiki's. An amazing experience for children.
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Random Shot ..... Outside Disney

Lea surfing just Mickey Mouse!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Musings on Hong Kong

Well, we've landed after a VERY LONG 10 hour journey from Sydney to Hong Kong .... have seen the sights and sounds of this amazing city for 24 hours and I am enamoured with the place. Given that my brain is in mush mode .... i thought i would try and share a few thoughts while there are still a few brain cells left that work (see, my brain really is mush... that didn't make any sense at all!) ....
  • I wish that anyone who had traveled here recently would've reminded me about the swealtering .... nay, stifling humidity. I am thankful to have this time to adjust before heading out to the Philippines ... were it will be even worse!
  • Love the self flushing toilets!
  • Hong Kong is a city of night. It is about 7:45 and shortly we will be going out to have dinner and then hit the markets
  • CityRail could learn something from how the MTR works here .... it is amazing. safe, clean and it all makes sense .... even in a different language.
  • Disney translates to any language i believe. Lea has been having a blast (albiet she has despised waiting in lines)
  • The ability to build things very, very high blows me away.
  • The Chinese, culturally, seem to be a pushy people and i found that very irritating (sorry if that offends .... it is more that we found this a struggle to adjust to)
  • The rains is a constant.
  • There is a huge constrast between the old and the new .... and yet somehow they manage to live side by side .... the 22nd century technology along side the junk fishing boats.

Tomorrow we may or may not do Disney again .... probably for a few short hours -- we'll see. Always in the back of our minds are the boys .... even as we enjoy and relish these last few days as the three of us. Lea is starting to feel it a bit too ... i think she is starting to understand that when there are the boys .... it's not all about her. Clever girl .... she'll adjust!

Don't know if i'll post again. Sorry there are no pics.