Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just walking on the beach looking pretty. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nana was fun! Posted by Picasa
The world sometime makes more sense when you're upside down. Posted by Picasa
I might be a park ranger when I grow up... I like animals like this Kangaroo that I met while on holidays. Posted by Picasa
I got to visit Hannah when I was at Nana and Pop's 50th wedding anniversary. Posted by Picasa
Del, Lea and Great Nana Posted by Picasa
Lea and Nana and Pop Posted by Picasa
Nana and Pop's quilt that they got for their 50th wedding anniversary. Posted by Picasa
I AM NOT ALWAYS HAPPY! Posted by Picasa
More boy manipulations, this time a piggyback ride to save my legs! Posted by Picasa
I just have these boy things wrapped around my finger, got this one to read a book to me! Posted by Picasa
My good friends Marie and Annie Posted by Picasa
Lea and Mummy at the Big Banana Posted by Picasa
Lea attempts to eat the Big Banana! Posted by Picasa
Lea and Daddy doing TenPin bowling! Posted by Picasa
Jaz the cat and Lea are best friends (well ok, there are occasional scratches, screams, angry meows etc but they're both still alive!) Posted by Picasa
My first 10 pin bowling score.... I'm the L :-) Hows a 135 for your first time out! Posted by Picasa
Time to learn that Mummy needs to go to work. Posted by Picasa
When you're really naughty you end up on the naughty chair.... not sure what Elmo and Big Elmo did but it must have been bad. Posted by Picasa
Just having fun! Posted by Picasa