Friday, February 13, 2009


We had a chance to catch up with our friends the Nauta's who brought home their three "little boys" from the Philippines October 2008. We had a blast!

Everyone! Left to Right: Scott, Maggie, Lea, Andy, Donna (behind), Robbie, Russel and Ron.
Lea and Andy on the jumping pillow.

The obligatory "beach babe" photo.

Lea truly discovered her capacity to be a big sister! ( or Ate as they say in the PI). Here she is trying to comfort little Russel .... Andy isn't quite sure what to make of someone else doing his job ... so he decides to cuddle up and help Lea out!

I love this shot .... Robbie, Russel, Lea and Andy.

A true "Ate" pose!

Lea in her tree climbing shot!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Day at Big School!

Mum and Dad say I need to eat a good breakfast before going to school. I got to use my new plates to celebrate starting big school!

My first day uniform. Hat, shoes, backpack .... can you tell I'm ready to go????

Mum loves this shot. Not sure why .... just do!

And here I am at school! I even have a name tag next to the peg i get to hang my back pack on! I'm a big girl now!