Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uncle Doug promised me that he wouldn't chomp my fingers off ... but i'm just not sure! Posted by Picasa
Lea helps Uncle Jeff put out his Christmas lights for the evening. Posted by Picasa
Honestly .... you need to check out this great place I know that can fix you up with some sun glasses just your size! Posted by Picasa
Uncle Jeff amazes both Lea and Aunt Vicki with some great stories! Posted by Picasa
Walters Family Portrait for 2006 .... our family. Posted by Picasa
Jolene helps me play with a present for Grant .... i just had to have some fun! Posted by Picasa
Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having? Pots and pans to go with my new kitchen! Yipee!!!!! Posted by Picasa
Outfit change #1 .... chickie-babe to the max! Posted by Picasa
Part of Santa's Helpers role is to actually open presents for people ... here she helps Great Nanna open one of her presents. Posted by Picasa
Santa's Helper takes presents from Aunt Vicki to hand out. Posted by Picasa
Santa's Little Helper (who looks like she's a deer in headlights) as she gets ready to help hand out presents to the family. Posted by Picasa
Lea helps Mummy grate carrot for the noodle salad to take over and share with the family for Christmas Dinner. Posted by Picasa
Lea made a 2007 Calendar at pre-school for Mummy and Daddy for Christmas. Posted by Picasa
Lea explores the goodies in her stocking. Posted by Picasa
Christmas Day at the cabin: Lea shares her Christmas Card with Daddy. Posted by Picasa
Mummy, Daddy and Lea's stockings .... our first Christmas together. Posted by Picasa
Lea's turn to read to Nanna! Posted by Picasa
Poppy was always a good sport and played with her tons! Posted by Picasa
Nanna reading to Lea -- she was even more excited about the story than Lea was! Posted by Picasa
Mummy doesn't like two-piece bathers ... but Daddy just loved the grass skirt and had to dress me up! The sun glasses are COOL too! Posted by Picasa
I love my Nanna! She's pretty cool (and she gives me lots of lollies! )! Posted by Picasa
Daddy and Lea making decorations for our cabin to decorate for Christmas. Lea had lots of fun colouring pages to make some cool chains! Posted by Picasa
Yeah .... I know i'm too cute! Posted by Picasa
Daddy and Lea getting ready to go to the beach at Fingal Head for a swim! What fun! Posted by Picasa
Our first stop at Christmas was to spend some time in Coffs Harbour with Lea's great mates Annie and Marie! Posted by Picasa