Friday, July 31, 2009

Eureka! I think we're off!

Looks like we will be traveling the week of August 10th. Medicals reports are done and dusted. We are expecting that we will hear the visa's are completed early next week and then we can finalise travel arrangements. Pray for us for:
  • ongoing health. we've all been sick in one way or another, flu bugs, etc. and are on the mend now, but need to kick the final hurdles to be completely healthy.
  • for final clearance of visa's QUICKLY
  • for travel arrangements. Hotels, where we stay, what we do .... and for those little bits to come together.
  • for our boys .... that they will begin the process of bonding to us quickly.
  • for Lea as she has the opportunity to reconnect with her roots and birth family
  • and for Scott and I! that we are flexible and keep our expectations low!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Few more pics ... closer go goin!

Okay. So here is where we are up to. We were told by DoCS that the boys had their medicals on the 30th of June. We might be traveling by the end of July / early August! WOW!!!!!!!

We have made tentative arrangements to go on the 3rd of August .... we'll see how that all goes. We have to have official word that hte boys have passed their medicals first .... but that should be by the end of next week at the worst!

And in the meantime, a few more pics to tied you over. And us! Someone we know recently traveled to the home and sent a few more shots through to us. We are overwhelmed and blown away!