Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A close up shot of what mummy did ... she has started talking corn rows .... now that would be fun! Posted by Picasa
Can you believe I sat for over 30 minutes for mummy while she did this to my hair? WOW! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Birthday cake #2 for the BIG party! Posted by Picasa
Noodles for long life... a Philippino tradition. Posted by Picasa
Thankyou Aunty Ingrid. This is fun! Posted by Picasa
The Kookaburra's thought the new gate Daddy put in looked pretty nice. Posted by Picasa
Getting ready for the BIG birthday party. Mummy said I could wear nail polish... I'm a pretty lady now! Posted by Picasa
Cool scooter Nana & Poppy. Posted by Picasa
My 4th birthday... some play food for my new kitchen that I got for Christmas. Kewl. Posted by Picasa
tada... its green! Posted by Picasa
OK, first part of the lawn is down.. Time for a swim! (Oh,... and Dax and Denver, sorry but this is your last time in here... this is a dog free area!) Posted by Picasa
Daddy brings the first sod down to the back yard... there was enough sod to cover 130 sqm. Posted by Picasa
First sod goes down. Of course Lea does all the work, Daddy just watches on! Posted by Picasa
6:15AM Saturday morning the guy turns up with the turf... and Daddy still needs to move 4 tonne of topsoil from the front yard! Posted by Picasa
Next up went the frame of the cubby. Its a daddy special, two stories tall and will be ready real soon now. Posted by Picasa
Mummy and Daddy are building a new play area for me. We started by removing all the silly trees (but we kept all the good ones.) Then we got this man to clear the whole place up. Posted by Picasa